Population Geography

The two countries I have chosen to compare are Haiti and Dominican Republic.


97.7 males per 100 females
396.6   people per sq. km
2.6 children per woman
10.9M population
14.5M estimated population 2050

Dominican Republic

102.3 males per 100 females
215.2 people per sq. km
2.3 children per woman
10.4M population
12.5M estimated population 2050

The population graph for both these countries are very similar and show that there is a higher birth rate for both countries. The population for the age groups from 0-24 remain similarly the same percentage of the population, then it slowly declines evenly to make a pyramid. The percent of the population for age groups in 40-80 are slightly higher for the Dominican republic, which shows they have a lower death rate and an overall higher average life expectancy.

The current population for these two countries are off by only half a million, but the estimated population by 2050 is 2M higher for Haiti. This is reflected in the population pyramid because the birthrate is higher, meaning their population will grow more than the Dominican republic by 2050.