Males per 100 females — 100.0

People per square kilometer — 45.3

Number of Children per Woman - 3.9

Current population — 26.3 mil

Estimated population — 45.8 mil



Males per 100 females — 99.0

People per square kilometer — 32.5

Number of Children per Woman — 2.3

Current population — 28.7 mil

Estimated population — 36.2 mil


Comparing the two, it looks like Venezuela is more of a cone shape, with little population difference between age groups (though there is a population drop in those aged 15-24, possibly due to emigration. Meanwhile, each age group in Madagascar is much larger than the group above it, probably due to the incredibly high birth rate (3.9??). That may be why Madagascar is expecting about an 80% population increase in thirty years as opposed to Venezuela’s 25%.