Population Geography

For this Blog I chose North and South Korea. My husband is half South Korean so this location naturally sparked my interest. Then of course learning about North Korea is very interesting from a political stand point.

As you can see from the population pyramids, both countries show a low death and a low birth rate. North Korean seemed to fluctuate frequently and I almost mistook it for a developing country Stage 2. However the recent low birth rates show more of a Stage 4.

South Korea is a clear Stage 4 depicting low death and low birth rates.

North Korea's 2050 populate is right in line with the projection of 27 million. The country seems to have what's called a stable population which is in line with this number. South Korea projects a decline of almost 4 million which is in line with the historical date.


North Korea:
- Males per 100 Females — 94.4
- People per square Kilometer — 211.9
- Number of Children per woman - 1.9
- Current Population — 25.5 million
- Estimated Population of 2050 - 27 million

South Korea:
- Males per 100 Females — 100.4
- People per square Kilometer — 532.8
- Number of Children per woman — 1.3
- Current Population — 51.6 million
- Estimated Population of 2050 — 47.7 million

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Christina Love