Blog: South America, Montano

This article is titled "Chilean man crashes truck into sacred Easter island stone statue sparks furor" and it's pretty self explanatory. A man completely destroyed a 1000 year old statue by running it over with his truck, click the link if you want to see the photo. While the article is brief, I did learn something. Easter Island is technically part of South America because it is a territory of Chile, but historically and culturally it is Polynesian. The island's traditional name is Rapa Nui which is the same name of the tribe of Polynesians that settled there. The statues are called Maoi and were made by the Rapa Nui that settled on the island about a thousand years ago. The Maoi are sacred and represent the spirits of passed on ancestors. I'm glad this guy is going to jail. So sad and disrespectful to ruin these beautiful ancient statues.