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My article is summarized pretty well in the title. Amazon Rainforest Sees Biggest Spike In Deforestation In Over A Decade. Colin Dwyer with NPR wrote this article describing the largest amount of deforestation, in the Amazon Rainforest, since 2008. Brazil has an Environmental Minister, Ricardo Salles, who stated that the cause of the increase was due to illegal mining and logging which they were trying to find ways to stop.

Dwyer went on to say that due to recent changes in presidency, it was believed that budget cuts to environmental agencies has also supported this illegal logging and mining since there is no funding to monitor and stop these crimes. Even worse, when this has been brought to Brazil’s President he responds poorly, implying that he is being personally attacked. It was stated that France's President offered the country 22 million dollars to help fight these fires and it was refused.



Some clear geographic concepts used in this article were:

deforestation, cause of a change in geography

rainforest, describing the physical feature of this location

metropolis, an area making up the geography of a location, in this example used to compare how large of an area is being destroyed

economic growth, relating to the development of other areas of Brazil's economy as a justification for the president to not protect these lands


indigenous leaders, relating to the territory and cultural history being destroyed.