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The title of my article is, “U.S. sanctions block hurry-up work on Russian gas pipeline: officials'. This article explains the risk of being penalized for rushing to finish build the Russian natural gas export pipeline. The goal is to send gas under the Baltic Sea, which bypasses Ukraine and doubles the capacity of the already existing pipeline. However, the work on the project was suspended. There is about a 100-mile stretch until it is completed. This major project has been opposed in Washington since the Obama administration because it would strengthen Russian President Vladimir Putin’s economic and political grip over Europe. The U.S. sanctions are blocking the hurry-up work on the pipeline until they demonstrate good-faith efforts. This means there is a wind-down period that allows time for companies to straighten up financial arrangements and safely remove equipment. The geographic concepts in this story include the physical locations of Russia, Ukraine, and the Baltic Sea. There is also a bigger concern about Russia’s tight economic group.