536 Fishermen Stranded on Giant Ice Floe Rescued in Russia

The article I chose can be found at https://time.com/5773586/russia-sakhalin-fisherman-stranded-ice-floe/

536 ice fishermen were stranded on an ice floe. Despite safety warnings, ice fishermen continue to visit the Sakhalin region to ice fish. This is not the first occurrence according to the Associated Press. There was an incident that involved 300 fishermen; at another time 600 fishermen were stranded. Some of the fishermen that have become stranded on ice floes in Sakhalin have utilized smaller pieces of ice to serve as rafts in an attempt to flow towards the Russian coast.

The geographical concept is Place.  Russian emergency services were sent to the island of  Sakhalin in eastern Siberia. The location was described as having frigid waters and  drifting glacial masses.