Russia bomb hoaxes: Thousands evacuated as campaign targets Moscow

I came upon this article on BBC world news about a bomb hoax in Moscow. The article explains that after receiving the bomb threats, all the Moscow metro stations, more than 100 schools and nurseries, and 20 shopping centers were checked for bombs. As a result of these threats, there has been mass evacuations out of the largest populated city, Moscow. The main places being evacuated are hospitals, courts, railway stations, and administrative buildings. The threats have not been traced back to whoever sent them and the article states that other major cities have also been targeted. These major cities, which are mostly in the Russian plains, are already being affected by losing important workers and having to shut down some city operations and that can affect the flow of resources in and out of these cities. Also, if there were bombs and they were to go off in Moscow, it could affect a major gas pipeline that runs through Russia's capital making them turn to other energy reserves.