Blog: Russia

The article in the Russian realm that I found was from the “TIME' website. The news story is titled “536 Fishermen Stranded on Giant Ice Floe Rescued in Russia,' and is by the Associated Press. This current event was published on January 29th, 2020.

This article discusses that Russia’s emergency services had to rescue 536 ice fishermen after they got trapped on an enormous ice floe that broke off the island of Sakhalin. 60 people were able to make it back to the island on their own, however, the rest did not. The victims tried to save themselves by using the ice sheets as floats and sticks as paddleboards to lure themselves toward the land. It is important to note that this is the third incident that had occurred that week in the Sakhalin area. This could have ties to the island’s geographic region.   When looking at an ocean temperature map one can notice that the island is on the border of the permafrost region. Due to global warming the region of warmer water has penetrated the Bay of Mordvinia, which is on the southern tip of Sakhalin. This causes large pieces of ice to break off uncontrollably.

Below is a link where the World Sea Temperature can be seen more clearly.