Blog: Russia

"Bad weather cancels women's World Cup downhill"

This current event article takes place in Rosa Khutor, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located at the Aibga Ridge of the Western Caucasus region along the Roza Khutor plateau near Klasnaya Polyana with a coordinate of 43.646 °N 40.332 °E Published by The Associate Press on Feb. 1, 2020, 2:05PM. This place has been selected for countless world-class competitions because of it's 18 ski lifts, a season that lasts 140 days, and an ideal location for various activities like; freestyling, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and exploring a subtropical forest.


The geographic aspects of this story is mainly concerned on bad weather and heavy snowfall.   In this story they discussed about how bad weather and heavy snowfall is affecting the slope and canceling the event for several days. This is the second time that the event has been canceled for two straight seasons. They attempted to clean out the snow the night before their training sessions, but the conditions were still as bad as it was the next day, so they canceled the session for the safety of their athletes.

By summarizing the article,   the snowfall has strongly affected the slop, forcing them to cancel the event and re-scheduling mandatory training days.