Current Events in South America

Kiara Kearns

GEOG 101

January 29, 2020

Blog: Current Events in South America


The current event article I found that takes place in South America was titled “Smoke from Aussie bushfires reaches Chile' from This article was authored by Olivana Smith Lathouris and published on 1:01pm Jan 7, 2020. The link to the article is:

The geographic aspects of the news story include: bush fires, A meteorological trough, and mountains. These geographic concepts are involved in the story because the article discusses how the Australian bush fires are traveling so fast and far that the smoke is reaching Chile and affecting the land. The smoke has crossed the Pacific Ocean and has blanketed Chile. The clouds are also affecting the ground in the area. Paragraph 7 states that, “a reduction in the ultraviolet radiation reaching the ground because of the "cap" that these kind of clouds form over the land.'

 In sum, the article discussed how the smoke from Australia came to Chile and not only affected the sky, but the land below it. The article also shows Satellite images of smoke from Australian fires that have reached Chile, 11,000kms away from where the fires originated.