Samantha’s Introduction

Hello, my name is Samantha Sinks. I am from western Washington State. I moved to Alaska a little over 3 years ago after visiting the Kenai peninsula a few times after high school. I love the area down there however I chose to move to Fairbanks because it was somewhere I had never been but heard so much about the interior of Alaska I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and start fresh. I took the risk, packed up my suburban with my two dogs and cat and made the 3,000 mile journey through Canada onward to Alaska, living out of my truck for three months, taking my time and enjoying the journey. I arrived in Fairbanks late summer not sure if this would become my home or if I would venture somewhere else. I explored the area and shortly after decided to stay and I have not once regretted that choice. Now I am happily engaged and getting married this summer with the love of my life who I met here as well, and he did almost the exact thing I did but coming from the east coast instead. I have a great job where I manage a busy restaurant and have recently just moved from a small cabin to a nice large house where are dogs can run around in our wonderful backyard about 20 miles from town. I have not studied geography before, however I have taken this class before When I first moved here but was unable to finish the class due to being a victim of domestic violence with my first partner here in Alaska. This course is not a requirement of my degree (Wildlife Biology), however I was very interested in this class and still am and would like to actually complete it this time. Thank you for taking the time to read my long introduction and I look forward to learning more about the geography of our planet throughout this course!

I was born in Shelton, WA. Currently reside in Moose Creek Alaska, and would love to visit Oslo Norway.