Blog 1 (Zeke Schnabel)

Hello, I'm Zeke (Ezekiel) Schnabel, a first year Political Science and History major at UAF. I've always been interested in maps and geography (my room back home is covered in fictional maps I used to draw, and so this class seemed like something that would be really interesting. I've never really studied geography before (or at least since grade school), so this should really help provide some context to what I'm learning elsewhere in my studies. While not a hard requirement for my degree, I felt that this information was absolutely necessary to expanding my understanding of history.

A little about me: I was born in Iowa City, Iowa,   but now live in College, Alaska. I've been hoping to visit Schnabelburgh Castle, outside of Zurich, Switzerland, because my brother and I used to joke that it was "our birthright as Schnabels".