Blog: Population Geography


Males per 100 Females: 98.5

People per square kilometer: 61.1
Number of children per woman: 2.1
Current Population: 16.9 Million
Estimated Population 2050: 21.1 Million


Males per 100 Females: 97.1
People per square kilometer: 18.3
Number of children per woman: 1.7
Current Population: 5.6 Million
Estimated Population 2050: 5.5 Million

Between Finland and Ecuador, it looks like Ecuador has a higher birth rate because the population is the greatest in the younger demographics, as compared to Finland, where the population is greatest in the older demographics, suggesting that Finland has a fairly low birth rate. This also suggests that Ecuador has a lower life expectancy than Finland. In 2050, the estimated population of Ecuador will increase by over 4 million people than what it is today. This is likely due to Ecuador's high birth rate. In 2050, the estimated population of Finland will decrease slightly from what it is today, likely due to the low birth rate, and the longer life expectancy.