Empthy Thai beaches lure rare turtles




Deserted Thai beaches lure rare turtles to build most nests in 20 years


I was originally searching for a non-corona virus article BUT there are baby turtles in this one!

Due to COVID-19, tourism around the world has come to a virtual stop. This has left beaches across the world empty. In Thailand, record numbers of leatherback turtles are nesting on the now-empty beaches. So far, 11 Nests have been found on a single beach in Ao Phang-nga National Park which is the most recorded in two decades with no nests being found in the past 5 years. Similar accounts are coming from around the world as turtles nest on urban Australian beaches, deer return to the London suburbs, and dolphins return to Italian waterways.


Phang-nga is a southern province in Thailand located on the “elbow' of the Malay Peninsula. Just south of Phang-nga is the island of Phuket which is a highly-populated and a major tourist destination within the country. To the West is the Andaman Sea with Phang-nga Bay to the east protected by many large and small islands. This region is characterized by its striking limestone karsts, canyons, caves, and cliffs.