Blog: East Asia – Montano

It's pretty hard to find a story that doesn't involve the corona virus, but I found this article about Wuhan to be both relevant and interesting. The article is titled "Coronavirus: China outbreak city Wuhan raises death toll by 50%". The article talks exclusively about how the virus is affecting Wuhan, the ninth most populous city in China. Wuhan is located in the Hubei province which has a current total death toll of 3,869 due to COVID-19. The article also discusses how China has recently lifted its strict lockdown of Wuhan. I like that the article talks about China's response to the accusation of their government covering up the actual death toll. There is not much basis in that claim. Near the end of the article, it talks about how the virus has affected China-US relations and some of the ways president Trump has responded. Overall, I found the information in this article to be informative and interesting. Thanks for reading.