Blog: Population Geography/South Asia

For this blog post, I decided to compare the population Geography of Germany and France.


  • Males per 100 Females - 96.3
  • People per square Kilometer - 230.3
  • Number of Children per Woman - 1.5
  • Current Population - 80.3 million
  • Estimated Population of 2050 - 71.5 million


  • Males per 100 Females - 95.6
  • People per square Kilometer - 105.6
  • Number of Children per Woman - 2.1
  • Current Population - 67.6 million
  • Estimated Population of 2050 - 69.5 million


4. The structure of the population pyramid of France seems to be more equally distributed than in Germany. In addition, the birth versus death rate in France is more equal based on the number of young people compared to elderly people. The difference in these rates is 2% for males and 0.7% for females. On the other hand, the death rate is lower than the birth rate because the distribution for Germany has a denser population for the older generations. Overall the distribution for Germany peaks at the ages of 50-60, while in France the graph is roughly evenly distributed throughout.

5. There is a major difference when comparing the estimated populations for 2050. In Germany, the population is going to decrease by a significant number of over 10 million people. However, in France the population is going to increase by about 3 million people.
In Germany, the population consists of mainly people over 45 years old. Therefore a higher percentage of the population will die sooner. In comparison, France has a more even distribution. Therefore because the number of people that die does not exceed the number of people that are born the population will increase.