Blog 5: East Asia and Southeast Asia

Courtney Williams

April 9, 2020

‘Southeast Asia Doesn’t Want to Be the World’s Dumping Ground. Here’s How Some Countries Are Pushing Back’

In the article it tells us about the “global trash trade'. Wealthier countries have been shipping their plastic waste to countries in Southeast Asia. But now, the countries in Southeast Asia are shipping the contaminated unrecyclable trash back to where it came from. Many of the garbage is coming from places such as the U.S., Canada, France, the U.K., Germany, etc. People believe the richer countries are taking advantage of poorer countries, and that they ship the trash to those countries because it’s cheaper than doing it in their own country. Many of the countries are beginning to send their trash back where it came from because it is becoming too much for them.

Geographic concepts involved are the land and waters. Many of the plastic is covering agricultural communities, turning them into toxic dumpsites. They are ending up on the land and shores of countries, along the roads and releasing fumes into the airs.