South America

"Brazil takes a page from China, taps facial recognition to solve crime"

The article I read talks about the ongoing crime in the shanty towns of Rio, Brazil and the possible use of facial recognition to crack down on crime. Crime, especially murder is a major problem throughout all of Brazil, but they are especially prevalent in the slums, known as favelas, as discussed in the previous map assignment. The article gave some statistics, and some of them were shocking. In 2019, the city of Rio averaged 20 shootouts per day. There are several geographical aspects in this ongoing situation in Rio. It may sound weird, but tourism is an important part of the favelas. With the increasing rate of violence in the slums, it's not necessarily safe in the favelas for tourism, and violence involving tourists could hurt the tourist industry and the Brazil economy in general. That's why new technology can be integral for the city of Rio, and the country of Brazil as a whole.