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To avoid talking about a certain pandemic that is all over the news around the world right now, I have found an article related to the Amazon River and how it might disappear in the upcoming future.

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In the article, "Distant Source of Amazon Is Evaporating Away", published Oct. 4, 2019, the glaciers that cover the Mismi which is a 18,465 foot mountain are melting away. These glaciers within the Andes mountain ranges are an important water source for Peru's inhabitants and even more important for Peru's subsistence farmers that reside in remote mountain communities. According to a glaciologist, Lumzmila Davila,

"...Peru has now lost just over 53% of its original glacier cover, or 1,285 square kilometers of the original 2,399 square kilometers, since 1962, a period roughly equivalent to when industrial greenhouse gas emissions first began ramping up."

The cause to blame for the glaciers melting are being pointed towards the burning of fossil fuels from industries but more interestingly partial blame is being put on sheep and cattle which are being raised in the high plain communities by farmers. An certain breed of cattle is being blamed for harming the ecosystem within the high plains of Peru, as unlike the native farm animals of llamas, alpacas, and vicuña, the hooves of these cattle are damaging the soil which in turn is making it difficult for the plant life to regrow. The method of how the foreign cow eats is also to blame as it is known for ripping the roots from the grass unlike the South American camelid species which are only chewing the tips of the grass.

As the glaciers are expected to evaporate away within a year, the people of South America are seeing this as a bad omen for the future.