South America Y2020M03D22

Winter is coming: cooler South America weather could fan coronavirus spread

- brief summary of the article

With summer months drawing to a close in Brazil, this article focuses on the potential of increased spread of this disease.   Though little is know of the seasons effects on this particular outbreak, data from past out breaks outline the increased numbers of transmissions in past epidemics such as the H1N1 (Swine Flu).

- brief explanation of the geographic concepts involved in the story

This is linked to geography because since Brazil is located in the southern hemisphere they are just entering the winter months, as we enter our summer.   Due to the colder whether to come, it is suspected that increased nasal irritation will cause people to be more susceptible of catching this condition.   Now though it is not mentioned in the article, but tying this to what we have learned in class, with tightly packed areas such as the favelas down there, increasing the ease of transmission could prove devastating to those in high risk categories.   This is an example that though set in Brazil is not unique to this area, and more ties geography to epidemiology.