Blog: South America

As everyone knows by now, the coronavirus has been announced a pandemic. It is spreading wildly across the world. South America has been hit with the coronavirus as well as everywhere else in the world. There have been a total of 2,041 cases in South America. There 10 reported recoveries and 19 reported recoveries. All 12 of the countries in South America have been affected by this virus. Brazil has the most cases of the virus due to Brazil being so big. Brazil has 651 confirmed cases. The virus is in the middle of brazil and will most likely spread throughout the entire country. Suriname has the least number of cases. Suriname has 4 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. The larger countries are the places that have the most cases due to the populations. Most of the cases arrived in South America in late February and the beginning of March. The treatment is either self-care or medical treatment. There is a vaccine that is being created to reduce the number of people that get affected by the coronavirus.