Russian Court Orders Woman Back to Coronavirus Quarantine After She Escapes From Hospital

Of late, the outbreak of the corona virus has sent fear throughout individuals. Recently a woman in Moscow, Russia escaped a mandatory virus quarantine. She had recently returned from China where the deadly virus originated. After learning she would have to stay in confinement for two weeks, she escaped stating she was not infected by the virus and had already roamed Russia for ten days before getting sent back to the hospital.

Russian authorities have taken rash measures to prevent the spread further by halting air traffic to China and North Korea and completely shut down their land border to China and Mongolia. Making it harder for neighboring states to enter into Russian territory without using airlines.   The south of Russia is blocking Mongolia, China, and a small boundary with North Korea. Russia's capitol and most populated city, Moscow, has temporarily stopped issuing work visas to Chinese citizens and told students studying in Russia to not return until March 1st.

The Russian government is strategically taking a course of action to prevent the spread of this disease further. Geographically Russia is more susceptible to transmitting the disease because of their bordering neighbors.