Russia Blog ~ “Europe evacuates citizens from China: Russia shuts border.”

To celebrate.. erhm... partake in the Coronavirus enthusiasm I've an article from the Japan Times. It reports that Russia has closed their Southeastern and Far Eastern region's border to China. With the sole exception of a train that runs directly from Moscow to Beijing. The article: Europe evacuates citizens from china; Russia shuts border." It continues to briefly summarize European actions in regards to the Coronavirus. These can be easily summarized as the varying nations actions to restrict potentially infected hosts from entering their respective country.

You can find the article here to read further: "Europe evacuates citizens from china; Russia shuts border."

Geographically speaking the quarantine actions of Europe and the Russian/central asian realm is requiring significant effort to control, limit and properly quarantine passenger coming in through ports, airports and through land borders. As reported in the paper Russia has closed the border between China and Russia, however this may or may not be the best choice as if you have the border open you can more appropriately deal with people coming through border and not risk unauthorized entrances. Aside from land borders other ports of activity, sea and air, input is limited to single nodes of entry.