Russian Blog (Zeke Schnabel)

Russia to push its newfound advantage on cod

Current event:

The Russian government has published a “Strategy for Development of the Seafood Industry through 2030', which includes investment in ports throughout the Russian far east region (as well as other northern ports in western Russia). The plan is also an attempt to grow the aquaculture industry in northern Russia, as the region is increasingly hospitable for fish farming.

There was some concern expressed by a head of the Russian fishery union, who noted that the investment wasn’t nearly enough for the amount of additional fish the plan claimed to create.

Geographic relationship:

Most of the investment is going towards far eastern ports, which have slowly fallen into disrepair as the post-soviet government focuses more and more on the core region. However, a recent need to find new food sources (Russia is very reliant on nearby countries for food imports due to its climate) is causing Moscow to consider the development of this region's fisheries and farms a high priority.