Blog 2: Russia. “Russia and Estonia Cooperate…”

When reading this article, I wasn't too sure if it would be what I was looking for, for this assignment. A lot of the stuff I Googled to use, seemed like satire and then I stumbled upon this one. The title may not be super engaging, but after reading it, I was filled with a whole bunch of new knowledge that I didn't know. For Instance, I had no idea that Russia actually discovered Antartica. I actually assumed it was the United States for some reason.

It seems from the title that this may another war story or a peace time marament, but in actually these two places came together to help celebrate an anniversary in their own homes and countries out of respect for the Russian Navy Sailors, by making a 200th anninversary postal.   A lot of the geographic concepts is the fact that, a huge continent was discovered by a larger country, and it was a big thing for all the surrounding places. It is also a large part of Russian history.