Blog 2: Russia

The article I chose was called "Passenger Plane Drew Fire in Syria, Russia Says" from the New York Times, link here:

No more than a few weeks ago Russia was dragged into a minor dispute involving an Israeli passenger plane with the title Beirut Lebanon (model Airbus A320) when it was caught under fire. The plane with a populace of one-hundred seventy-two passengers was attacked by Syria and was forced to make an emergency landing - a landing at one of Russia's military bases. The military base in question was called Hmeimim Air Base, which was interesting given that the base in question is located in Syria. The cause behind the attack in question was most likely caused by an Israeli airstrike that occurred very close to the time prior to the aircraft's attack. This, combined with what the Russians have reported on in their own light has sparked a debacle between Israel and Russia, though it culminated in nothing more than minor twitter discourse between generals, with talk of hating Israel, and conspiracy mostly dominating the argument. Such conspiracies being tactics like using civilian aircraft to protect military ones, and baseless accusations of general militaristic competence, or lack thereof. What happened was all-in-all a very strange occurrence involving country interactions and cause-and-effect and a fascinating dose of irony when it comes to the base's geographical location.