Blog #1 – Introductions – R Bowlus

Hello all!

This is Rebecka Bowlus. I have studied some elements of geography in the past. I have taken orienteering classes to travel the back country safely without roads/trails. I have taken several geology classes formally in both secondary school and in college. Finally, throughout high school and for several years in college, I participated in the Model United Nations with which I have gained a decent working knowledge of human borders, geographic borders, and natural resources of many countries and regions.
This course is a requirement for my degree (education) but I am enthusiastic about being here nonetheless.
My mapped locations are Anchorage, AK for my birthplace; Dillingham, AK for my current location; and Istanbul, Turkey because I would love to explore the Cappadocian fairy houses and other World Heritage Sites throughout the country.

Thank you,