Blog 1: Introduction

Hey guys, my name is Brandon and this is my second semester here at UAF. To answer the required questions, I have not officially studied geography before this class. The most experience I have really put into learning geography is trying to memorize the United States (which state is which) and knowing where countries are located around the world.   This course is not apart of my major, however, I have always been a little interested in the study of geography so I decided to add it to my schedule and work with it. The three locations that I placed on the class map were Rochester, NY (where I was born), Ovid, NY (where I reside), and Stockholm, Sweden (where I hope to travel one day).

For a little about myself, I am 19 years old and have a variety of interests. I enjoy sports such as basketball, baseball, and football. However, hockey is my absolute favorite sport with the New York Rangers being my favorite team. For music, I can listen to an array of genres but Post Malone and JuiceWrld are the artists I primarily listen to. I also am a huge MCU and Star Wars fan/nerd as a side fact.